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Betsey Johnson


15 Φεβ 2016

peachy tone cat eye

Face: Prime the face
          Apply foundation with a zoeva 122
          Conceal the eyes with a zoeva 142
          Powder the face with a zoeva 102
         Contour and Highlight with a zoeva 105

Eyes: Fill in the brows. Prime the eyes. With a flat brush take a sparkly peachy eyeshadow and apply it on the lid. Then with a blending brush take a soft brown eyeshadow and apply it on the crease.  Take a darker brown eyeshadow and with a define crease brush apply it on the outter part of the crease and the lid, dragging it out creating a triangle. Then take a black eye pencil and draw a thick line creating the cat eye effect. Blend the line with a blending brush, then take a black eyeshadow and with an angle brush go over the pencil. Now for the lower lid on the angle liner brush take the dark brown and the black, lining only the two-thirds of the lid, blend well. On a detail brush take a white sparkly eyeshadow and put it in the teardrop area to brighten the eye. Line the waterline with a black pencil, add black mascara, lashes are optional.

Cheeks: Apply a peachy tone blush with a zoeva 105

Lips: Apply a peachy/pink lipstick or lip gloss

Brushes: Zoeva
classic eye set:
classic face set:

Face primer: Rimmel fix & protect
Foundation: L'oreal lumi cushion
Concealer: L'oreal true match
Powder: L'oreal infallible matte
Contour & Highlight: L'oreal infallible pro contour kit
Blush: Colourpop trickery
Brow kit: Maybelline brow drama pro palette
Eye primer: NYX eyeshadow base
Eyeshadows: colourpop cheeky,cornelious,bandit,roulette,glitterati
Eye pencil: Maybelline line express
Mascara: L'oreal voluminous butterfly
Lip gloss: L'oreal colour rich le gloss in golden splash

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