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Betsy Johnson

Betsey Johnson


6 Οκτ 2015

Warm eyes vibrant lips

Face: Prime the face
              Apply foundation using a zoeva 102
              Conceal the eyes using a zoeva 142
              Powder the face using a zoeva 101
              Contour the face using a zoeva 109v
              Highlight the face using a zoeva 101

Eyes: Fill in the brows. Prime the eyes. Apply a goldy/peachy shadow all over the lid  234. Apply an orange/brown shadow on the crease using a zoeva 227. Take a rusty burgundy shadow and apply it on the outter part of the eye using a zoeva 221. Line the upper lashline with a black liner. Add black mascara. Line the waterline with a beige pencil liner.

Cheeks: Apply a pink/berry blush using a zoeva 127

Lips: Line the lips with a pink/mauve lip liner and fill in with a pink/mauve lipstick.

Brushes: Zoeva
luxe prime set:

Face primer: Maybelline face studio
Foundation: Maybelline superstay better skin
Concealer: Maybelline superstay better skin
Powder: Uma face powder
Bronzer: Essence shading powder
Highlighter: Essence shading powder
Brow pencil: Uma eyebrow penicl
Eye primer: Essence i love stage
Eyeshadows: MURevolution i love make up naked underneath- faux fur covered palette
Black liner: Essence 2 in 1 eyeliner pen
Pencil liner: Essence big bright eyes jumbo pencil
Mascara: Uma all in one mascara
Blush: Uma tropicolada rouge powder
Lip liner: Uma classic lipliner in hello pinky
Lipstick: NYX matte lip cream in prague

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