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7 Φεβ 2015

Coppery make up tutorial

Face: Prime the face
             Apply foundation with a zoeva 102 silk finish
             Conceal the eyes
             Powder the face with the zoeva 107 powder polish
             Contour the face with the zoeva 109v face paint vegan

Eyes: Fill in the brows. Prime the eyes. Take a copper eyeshadow and apply it on the lid and on the crease with a shader brush (zoeva 220 luxe grand shader) blend well the edges with a crease brush (zoeva 221 luxe soft crease). Then take the same shadow on a pencil brush (zoeva 230 luxe pencil) and apply it on the lower lid. Take a matte dark brown eyeshadow and with a pointy blending brush (zoeva 228 luxe crease)apply it on the outter part of the lid and the crease. Then again take the same 
eyeshadow and with the pencil brush apply it on the outter part of the lower lid close to the lashline. Line the upper lashline with a black liner creating a small flick.Line your waterline with a brown eyepencil. Add black mascara.

Cheeks: Apply a pink blush using a zoeva 127 luxe sheer cheek

Lips: Apply a light pink lipstick.

Face primer:makeup revolution ultra face base primer
Foundation: Maybelline dream wonder foundation
Concealer: makeup revolution ultra cover and conceal palette light medium
Powder: Maybelline fit me matte
Bronzer: makeup revolution ultra bronze shimmer and highlight
Blush: makeup revolution ultra blush and contour palette- sugar and spice
Brow pencil: makeup revolution brow dual ultra brow arch & shape darkest
Eye primer: makeup revolution focus & fix eye primer original
Eyeshadows: makeup revolution 144 eyeshadow palette
Black liner: makeup revolution awesome double flick thick and thin
Brown eyepencil: Maybelline line express eyeliner in brownish black 905
Mascara: Maybelline lash sensational waterproof
Lipstick: makeup revolution amazing lipstick  sweetheart

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