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9 Νοε 2013

Tresseme: Nourishing rituals

Cashmere Touch Hydrating Serum:Indulge with this salon-rich, intensive hair conditioning treatment that restores softness to dry, brittle hair while fighting frizz. Hair will be touchable, soft and silky smooth.

  • THE FORMULATION: This hair conditioning treatment is formulated with a combination of coconut, argan oil, and other nourishing ingredients.
  • THE EFFECT: Cashmere Touch Hydrating Serum helps to dramatically control frizz and restore your hair’s silky, smooth appearance. 

    Liquid Gold Shine Therapy:This lightweight hair conditioning treatment helps rejuvenate dull, dry hair. Achieve multidimensional shine and improved silkiness.

    • THE FORMULATION: This hair conditioning treatment is infused with reflective micro-crystals.
    • THE EFFECT: This treatment will help you see unmistakable salon-shine in every strand. 

      Protein Renewal Crème:This treatment for damaged hair moisturizes and strengthens distressed hair—for up to 96% less breakage after just one use.* Your hair will be enviably vibrant and more resistant to damage.

      • THE FORMULATION: This treatment for damaged hair is formulated with soy proteins.
      • THE EFFECT: Protein Renewal Crème helps to fortify hair from damage

        Rejuvenating Mud Masque:This masque is a unique treatment for damaged hair—and works hard to restore moisture and strength. After just one use, your hair will be up to 10x stronger*—and have a bright and healthy-looking glow.

        • THE FORMULATION: This treatment for damaged hair is formulated with minerals from the Dead Sea and has the essence of wildflower honey.
        • THE EFFECT: Rejuvenating Mud Masque nourishes and helps replenish hair for a strong, healthy look.


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