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Betsy Johnson

Betsey Johnson


26 Αυγ 2013

Make your eyes look bigger and brighter.

Apply a shimmer champagne eyeshadow all over the lid , in the inner corner of the eye and on the browbone using a sigma E-55. Take a mid-tone brown and create a v-shape on the outter corner of the eye using a sigma E-70 and on the lower lid but only half way, then blend it using a sigma E-40. Take a black eyeshadow and line your upper lashline starting from the middle using a sigma E-05. Curl your lashes and add black mascara.

Eyeshadows: Rimmel trio eyeshadows in spices.
Black eyeshadow: Rimmel glam eyes mono eyeshadow in jet black
Mascara: Rimmel scandal eyes retro glam.

Brushes: Sigma Basic eyes kit

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