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Betsy Johnson

Betsey Johnson


29 Ιουλ 2013

Natural and feminine

Face: Prime the face.
              Apply foundation using a sigma F-60.
              Conceal the eyes.
              Powder the face using a sigma F-30.
              Contour the face using a sigma F-40.

Eyes: Fill in the brows. Prime the eyes. Apply a light brown/grey eyeshadow  on the lid and on the lower lid using a sigma E-55. Take a beige eyeshadow and apply it on the crease using a sigma E-40. Take a champagne eyeshadow and apply it on the browbone using a sigma E-40. Take a deep brown eyeshadow and apply it on the outter part of the lashline and lower lashline using a sigma E-65. Add black mascara.

Cheeks: Apply a pink blush using a sigma F-40.

Lips: Add a clear gloss.

Face primer: ELF studio mineral infused face primer.
Foundation: ELF studio flawless finish foundation.
Concealer: ELF studio complete coverage concealer.
Powder: ELF studio spf 45 sunscreen uva/uvb protection.
Bronzer: ELF studio bronzers in warm bronzer.
Eye primer: ELF mineral eyeshadow primer.
Eyeshadows: Bh cosmetics 120 colour  eyeshadow palette 5th edition.
Black mascara: ELF studio lash extending mascara.
Brows: ELF studio eyebrow lifter& filler.
Blush: Bh cosmetics duo blush palette.
Clear gloss: ELF essentials super glossy in angel.

Sigma travel kit make me blush:

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