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Betsy Johnson

Betsey Johnson


9 Απρ 2013

Prom make up

Face: Apply my make up using a sigma F-80.
              Conceal my eyes.
              Powder my face with a sigma F-82.
              Contour my face using a sigma F-86.

Eyes: Fill in the brows.Apply an eye primer. Apply a gold eyeshadow all over the lid using a sigma P-80.
Take a brown eyeshadow and apply it on the crease using a sigma P-86. Take a darker brown and apply it on the outter part of the eye and on the lower lid using a sigma P-84 and P-88.Line your eyes with a black eyeliner and add black mascara.

Cheeks: Apply a pink blush using a sigma F-84.

Lips: Apply a nude lip gloss.

Foundation: MUA undress your skin illuminating foundation.
Concealer: MUA brush on concealer pen.
Powder: MUA matte perfect loose powder.
Bronzer: MUA mosaic bronzer shade 2.
Blush: MUA shimmer kiss blusher.
Primer: MUA eye primer.
Eyeshadow palette: MUA 12 shade palette heaven and earth.
Black eyeliner: MUA gel liner underground.
Black mascara: MUA mega volume mascara.
Nude lipgloss: MUA intense gloss in shimmer kisses sealed with a kiss.

Sigma synthetic essential kit 10 brushes:

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