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Betsy Johnson

Betsey Johnson


3 Δεκ 2012

Christmas day make up!!!

Face: Apply my foundation using a sigma F-50.
              Conceal my eyes using a sigma P-82.
              Powder my face using a sigma F-15.

Eyes:Apply a creamy eye shadow in nude beige with my finger all over the lid. Then take a light brown/gold eyeshadow and apply it over that and on the crease using a sigma E-35. Line your upper waterline with a black eye pencil. Line your waterline with a brown/gold eye pencil. Add a black mascara. Fill in the brows.

Cheeks: Apply a pink blush using a sigma F-15.

Lips: Apply a pinky/coral lipstick.

Foundation: ELF flawless finish foundation.
Concealer: ELF essential tone correcting concealer.
Powder: ELF pressed powder.
Blush: Vivo cosmetics baked blush in rouge shimmer.
Lipstick: Vivo cosmetics lipstick in pink pout.
Creamy eyeshadow: ELF studio cream eyeshadow in natural glow.
Brown/gold eyeshadow: ELF studio single eyeshadow in wild wheat.
Black eye pencil: ELF kohl eyeliner in black.
Brown/gold eye pencil: Vivo cosmetics eyeliner in brown.
Black mascara: Vivo cosmetics volume mascara in black.
Brows: ELF treat and tame.


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