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Betsy Johnson

Betsey Johnson


16 Ιουλ 2012

Gold liner make up...

Face: 1)Apply Avon Ideal Flawless Invisible Coverage Foundation with a sigma F-50.
         2)Apply my concealer Avon Ideal Flawless and blend it with my finger.
         3)Apply my powder Avon Ideal Flawless Pressed Powder with a sigma F-10.

Eyes:1)Apply a white eyeshadow all over the lid and on the browbone with a sigma E-55.
       2)Apply a light brown eyeshadow on the crease with a sigma E-40.
       3)Apply a darker brown eyeshadow on the outter corner and bring that into the crease with a sigma E-40.
      4)Line the eyes with a black gel liner, i used Maybelline Eye Studio Lasting Drama.
     5)Take a gold liner ( i used Urban Decay Eldorado)and  draw a line above the black eyeliner.
     6)Apply black mascara i used Avon Extra Lasting Mascara.
Make Up Academy Heaven and Earth.

Cheeks:i used make up academy blush in shade 2 with a sigma F-40.

Lips: i used make up academy lipstick in Nectar.


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