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27 Ιαν 2012

How to make your eyeshadow last longer

Three simple methods to make your eyeshadow last longer:
  • Method 1: which is applying a thin layer of eyeshadow primer underneath your eyeshadow.   If you don’t have specifically an eyeshadow primer, applying your concealer on your lids will help greatly. (If you do apply concealer, top it off with a layer of loose powder before your eyeshadow).
  • Method 2 requires some water: Take your eyeshadow brush, wet it, and apply your eyeshadow. Wet eyeshadow not only allows the eyeshadow to stay put longer, but also makes the color more intense and brighter.
  • Method 3: is to apply cream eyeshadow first, then your regular powder eyeshadow. If the cream eyeshadow is almost exactly like the powder eyeshadow color,  it will also help intensify the color.

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